SEC-T CTF’17 G1bs0n WriteUp

This was one of the better memory forensics challenges that I tried and solved. There was not much of a big depth in this challenge but however, it tries to teach you the basic plugins of volatility. Though the writeup may look very clean and straight-forward, I was at sixes and sevens while trying out... Continue Reading →

HitCON CTF’18 EV3-Basic Challenge Write-Up

So this is my first ever experience of HITCON CTF. Boy, the standards of this CTF were really amazing. I learnt a lot of new things from this CTF. Very educative indeed. This challenge was one of a kind. I had never seen such a challenge ever before. I really had to spend hours into... Continue Reading →

InCTF 2018 Winter Sport Write-Up

So this is the second challenge Winter Sport which I made for this year's InCTF international round. Challenge Description: Reading the description at first doesn't give any clue on what the challenge is. Now let us take a look at the file given. This is the PDF document that we get. There seems to be... Continue Reading →

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