Securinets CTF 2019 – Contact Me Challenge Writeup

Hello everyone, It has been a really long time since I last posted a writeup. So this was a challenge I solved a long time ago in the securinets CTF 2019. It is a fairly easy challenge but the good thing about this is that there are very few memory forensics challenges that we get... Continue Reading →


This was probably the easiest memory forensics challenge that I ever attempted. Sadly I could not get the first blood in this as I had to leave for dinner πŸ˜› Challenge Description The description does not provide anything, so let us look at the file πŸ™‚ Link to challenge file:Β Mega Link Solution Okay, let us... Continue Reading →


So we came 1st in this CTF :). The weekend was pretty exciting for us actually. So I liked some challenges in the CTF hence the writeup. Challenge Description Solution: First I'd like to thank my teammate Nihith(@NihithNihi) for helping in this challenge πŸ™‚ So as I understood later, the description does have a big... Continue Reading →

Dr.Evil MidnightSun Quals 2019

So, I did not solve this challenge during the CTF but solved it moments later the CTF was over. I thought this to be a crypto related challenge & did not look further into it. I shit myself right now because I could've easily got the first blood in this challenge. Let us see why... Continue Reading →

I Heard You Like Files – TAMUCTF’19

So this is a pretty basic but confusing challenge. Let us look at the description of the challenge and then proceed to solve it. Challenge File:  ART.png Description: So the clue that description gives us is that the given challenge file "art.png" may not be a PNG. It turns out that it is true. PNGCHECK... Continue Reading →

UTCTF’19 RIP Forensics Write-Up

So UTCTF went great for us. We finished 6th in CTF and also ended up in the top 5 for the CTFs which were almost running parallelly(Pragyan CTF, AeroCTF) with this one. So yeah, it was a great weekend for us. So let us get on with the challenge now. Description: The description gives away... Continue Reading →

SEC-T CTF’17 G1bs0n WriteUp

This was one of the better memory forensics challenges that I tried and solved. There was not much of a big depth in this challenge but however, it tries to teach you the basic plugins of volatility. Though the writeup may look very clean and straight-forward, I was at sixes and sevens while trying out... Continue Reading →

InCTF Quals 2018 Hard-To-Get WriteUp

I had a lot of fun organizing this CTF. Just too much excitement. Many people have requested me to put out a write-up for the challenge which had only 4 solves in the end. So I'll be writing a short write-up. Challenge Description: So from the challenge, one can pretty much discover that the user... Continue Reading →

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